Other Healing


When working psycho-spiritually, the therapist works within the client’s spiritual or religious context, without imposing their own beliefs.
These techniques are particularly well-suited to working energetically, facilitating a cellular release and a deeper level of healing:


If you recognise patterns of limiting behaviour that you have been unable to shift, perhaps the origin lies in an earlier time? Many believe that we bring unresolved issues with us into subsequent lifetimes. These patterns could be karmic, from past incarnations, and/or genetic imprints. We could also have known people who are significant in our lives today in an earlier life, when complex interpersonal dynamics first began. Or perhaps an inexplicable phobia in this lifetime had its origin way back when?


Regressions help to deepen self-knowledge. Past life therapy involves the use of hypnosis to identify the underlying issue or trauma in its earlier context, process emotions, explore beliefs and patterns that developed as a result, and integrate the desired changes in the here and now. If you are unsure about whether or not you believe in past lives, you could still derive benefit from this approach, if you feel drawn to trying it.


I trained with Dr Botkin and with Rochelle Wright, in person, in the US. So I can offer these psycho-spiritual forms of grief therapy. Rather than focusing on letting go of the loved one, these approaches can help you to heal the sadness and reconnect with the person in the afterlife in a different way. For both approaches please note that there is no guarantee that the connection will take place, however, at the minimum sadness should be significantly reduced afterwards. When the connection does occur it is a deeply moving experience. If the dying process and/or death was traumatic, I strongly recommend that you heal the traumatic aspects of the loss with the help of a trauma-focused psychotherapist, before obtaining a GAC or an IADC for the grief.
AT LEAST ONE YEAR must have elapsed from the time of the loss before this technique can be carried out. For a loss due to suicide it is necessary to wait approximately 18 months.


After Death Communications (ADC’s) happen spontaneously in the general population. They can take the form of a very powerful dream, of “coincidences” of seeing something unusual at significant moments, suddenly noticing the fragrance that a loved one used to wear when you are in your home etc. However, Dr Allan Botkin discovered that he could help many clients to have an IADC experience. Please see his website for more information: www.induced-adc.com. An IADC can accelerate the healing process to feel more at peace. Some examples of IADCs that clients of mine have had were with partners, parents, siblings, children, a baby (at the anniversary of the miscarriage) and even a dearly beloved cat.


Rochelle Wright modified the IADC technique and called it Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy (formerly, Guided Afterlife Connections). Please see: www.rochellewright.com A GAC session is carried out on the same day and it can last at least 4 hours. One client’s comment after a GAC session: I have always favoured the spiritual outlook on life but until yesterday, I had no personal proof that such a thing really exists. I no longer believe in it: I know it to be a fact.I just cannot stop smiling. I don’t think this is how grief is supposed to be!


The word Rei means universal wisdom or knowledge, and Ki refers to the life force energy. Reiki is a complementary treatment to support mind-body-spirit healing. During a treatment, the client lies on a massage table, fully-clothed. The Reiki practitioner places his or her hands on, or above, specific areas of the client to channel the healing energy and balance the chakras (energy centres). The healing energy goes where it is needed. Clients find a Reiki treatment deeply relaxing, and can derive other benefits too.

I am a Reiki Master, so I also teach Reiki workshops. Please let me know if you would like to attend a workshop.