Mindfulness Classes in Poole
Chris teaches this invaluable technique inspired by Jon Kabat Zinn to quieten the mind and enhance wellbeing.

Hemi-Sync CDs and MP3 Downloads
Music and guided meditations that contain the binaural beat for specific healing purposes, deep relaxation and exploring deeper states of consciousness. Their sleep recordings can be particularly helpful for insomnia.

Young Living Essential Oil Products
Young Living produce exceptionally pure and high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, and supplements containing essential oils to improve absorption. If you are interested in any of them, please let me know as I could obtain them for you.

Consciousness Explorations
With her extensive Jungian background, Anne Baring has written and compiled a wealth of exquisite and thought-provoking books for those exploring soul-related issues.

Near Death Expert
Dr Penny Sartori has carried out extensive research into the field of NDE’s.

Steps Ahead for Mindfulness Training and Holistic Health, in Poole
Penny epitomises the ability to access tranquility within, in addition to her nutritional expertise.

Canada, Vancouver – Astrologer & Artist
Astro-cartography readings, astrology readings, astrology-inspired paintings, exhibited and for sale in Vancouver and Seattle. Susan Madsen has exceptional talent!

Children’s books: Environmental Issues
These beautiful children’s books are written by Lulu Fellowes in rhyming verse. They raise awareness of conservation issues – in particular, the rhino, baboon, African penguin, and ocean life.

Destination Human Consultancy: Angie Dairou
Angie has provided organisational consulting services to many international organisations. She uses a transformational approach, integrating principles from the work of Virginia Satir.

Spiritual Guidance and Artist: Jhadten Jewall
Vancouver-based, with occasional workshops in the UK. Channels powerful Ascended Master Readings. Spiritual Travel Group Facilitator to sacred energy vortices.

Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy
Rochelle Wright does profound work in Washington State, US, facilitating grief healing.

IADC Information
Dr Botkin pioneered a very different way of working with traumatic loss.