Essential Oils


Young Living (YL), founded by Dr Gary Young, is a US based organisation “with formulations based on the wisdom of ancient traditions and the best of modern science”. YL research, develop, grow and produce therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil-enhanced nutritional supplements.

Most essential oils on the market are perfume-grade rather than having the healing properties of the exceptionally pure YL range. YL products includes single oils, some very powerful and exquisite blends of oils, as well as nutritional supplements that include essential oils for enhanced absorption and herbal benefits.

If you would like to purchase a YL oil or supplement please let me know.
The full product range and retail prices can be seen at:

And, if you might be interested in becoming an independent distributor so that you can purchase the YL products at wholesale prices, I would be happy to discuss the possibility with you, and explain the procedure involved. No hard-sell tactics will be used!

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